Sash Mum

Cypress Wreaths and Ribbons

$ 175.00 
Available for pre-order

This senior Homecoming sash mum is sure to get lots of compliments. Sash mums are becoming more popular and I've been told they are easier to wear. They safety pin at the shoulder, velcro at the hip. Included;
- 6 5" mums (4)
- Name Letters in Gold Glitter
- 3 layer loop backing
- plateau garland around mums
- horse decorated/hand painted - choose your theme
- "homecoming" on custom printed ribbon
- 2 names on looped ribbon
- 32 decorated ribbons acetate / decorated / honeycomb
- box braid with bow
- military braid with bow
- custom braid with bow
- 3 cowbells with bows
- 5 trinkets Senior / Awesome / Homecoming Burst
- 10 metallic ribbons - custom school, theme, quotes and more with our custom printer!
- 2 plateau garland
- 2 layers of ribbon as well as plateau garland strap across back.

You can add more item's and there are numerous ways to make the sash. Let's talk about it before you order this.  We could do a smaller mum on the sash with one letter each mum.  We can change words, lettering, colors, themes, class and more. 

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