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Working with crafts and creating new items triggers me to keep up with new ideas.  When a customer contacts us with their needs, we enjoy reciprocating with our own idea's and how we can help.
Lately, we have made Baby Shower Belts for Mothers-to-be to wear at their shower.  As well as the following:
Award Ribbons
Baby Announcements
Baby Shower Banners
Baby Shower Pennets
Baby Shower Belt
Baby Shower Games
Baby Shower Straws, Toppers
Baby Shower Wreath
Baby Shower Sign
Baby Shower Shirt
Baby Gifts
Birthday Hat
Birthday Shirt
Birthday Button
Birthday Sash
Birthday Banners
Bumper Stickers
Buttons (Pin On)
Classes for Making Wreaths, Homecoming Mums and Garters
Custom Ribbon
Decals - Vinyl
Hair Bows
Holiday Products - Wreaths, Cups, Cutting Boards, Signs, Garland, Jars
Homecoming Supplies
Homecoming Mums
Homecoming Garters
New Arrival Personalized Animals
New Arrival Shirts
New Arrival Onesies
New Arrival Hair Bows
Sashes - Baby Shower, Competitions
Signs for Doors, Walls or Windows
Tumblers with Decals
Yard Signs
Denise Wirth
Email:  sales@cypresswreath.com

Other Products