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About Us

Hello, My name is Denise.  I have always loved crafts and creating new item's!  While my children we're in High School, I began creating Mums and Garters (Mostly a Texas thing) and helped design balloon arches for homecoming dances and make custom corsages / boutonniere's and more for the school district.  I enjoy crafting and creating new one of a kind item's!

We live in Cypress, Texas and have resided in Texas since 1978.  I began making wreaths a few months ago.  I began selling 5-7 wreaths per week and it's picking up more, so I decided to open up an online store.  Seeing the excitement in people's eyes when they pick up their wreaths brings me joy!  Customers say, "The pictures just do not do them justice."

I am working from home, so I am able to keep costs down.  We are able to ship the wreaths (one per box), generally the cost is about $11.00 USPS.  We would love to create a one of a kind wreath for you, your family member or a friend! Just let us know your idea's and we will get started!!!  These custom wreaths can be used outdoors as well as indoors.  It's best not to have direct sun on the wreaths as the ribbon will fade over time.

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Denise Wirth
Email:  sales@cypresswreath.com